Computer, phone, street or museum screen. Sight is by far the most requested senses in our society. The interior creativity project brings comfort to the eyes. It takes shape as a rest mask. This object is inspired by its color and quotes in the work of the painter Soulages. "Couleur de lumière" and"outre-noir"; "Color of light" and "overseas" in english, these words directly refer to the artist. The mask becomes its support.

This object immerses the person who wears it in complete darkness, in his reflection, his reverie. By plunging into darkness in this way, the mind becomes freer and lets itself go to the imagination. In the dark, the individual can rest and let go of his deeper and more intense thoughts. The interior creativity project aspires to offer its owner a moment of pure meditation, of escaping from everyday life. He invites the consumer, once his visit is over, to create his own painting in his head. For Soulages, black is all in the shade. For interior creativity, the nuances will be found in the surface changes, ranging from silk to embroidery.


Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts, Lausanne





Art direction​

Pierre Soulages

Peinture, 324 x 362 cm (Polyptyque J), 1987