Black Opium x You

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Black Opium X You

How to sell tomorrow's Black Opium eau de parfum today? 




Creation of an pop up store including a promotional, experiential and merchandising space to promote the perfume for the Christmas festivities. 



Directly inspired by Black Opium's values, which are to follow one's desires, to assert oneself and not hesitate to break the codes by assuming oneself. The concept will take shape through a scenography and aesthetic codes that take up the universe of the stage and the theatre with the aim of highlighting the personality of each person by making them participate. This parallel is created in order to offer a complete rediscovery of perfume to the public.  Since its first known form in Greece in the 5th century, Humans have been going to the theater as an escape. This art invites us to stop the frenetic agitation with which we live our daily lives in order to take us to other realities. Pleasure is a component of the theatre, but not the only one, it can shock, make us cry. It proposes something we don't know, another reality. The spectators are waiting to be immersed in a story they have never seen, felt or heard. Generations Y and Z aspire to unique moments and that is exactly what experiential can offer them.

The Black Opium x You concept invites clients and prospects to celebrate the end of the year through an experience that will free them from the pressures of everyday life. Indeed, while the end of the year festivities can be for certain, a time synonymous with joy. For others, they reflect a stressful moment, a time when everyone puts on a mask to appear in their best light. The worlds of performance and the experiential are not expected in a place like the mall. So, once again, Yves Saint Laurent will be able to surprise and break the codes. The art of gesture and speech will be put to good use to offer, for the time of a game, a new experience to everyone. Black Opium x You is inspired by the codes of the scene to present the fragrance in a new light. Theater, just like the perfume, allows everyone to express themselves without judgment, as actor or spectator. Black Opium x You grants a moment outside of time and space while offering a playful moment of escape. It is an experience that brings the heart and the mind closer together. A precious need and all the more so in times of celebration.

To the client 


An experiential pop store. The communication online and offline that goes around the event. An adaptation of the pop up store as street marketing and shop window. A packaging for the parfum and an application especially for the event. 

Charlotte Rod Designer in visual communication