7 Valeurs

"It's time to express your values"

Quote on the paper “Make your painting always an opening to the world.” Leonardo da Vinci




Create a new communication, promotion strategies, branding and storytelling for Tweed Co who needs a clear line of communication.



Each of us has character traits that are unique to us, such as listening to others, being narcissistic, patient, angry, or having self-confidence. It is in these personality traits that the concept of uniqueness takes on its full meaning, everything is needed to make a world. This accumulation of strengths, faults, talents and passions makes us all unique. Each of us is looking for something in our life that will give it meaning and allow us to escape from everyday life. The 7 values ​​project helps individuals to assert themselves by putting an aspect of their personality forward.

The 7 values ​​project, created a personality and a whole universe around the watch models of Tweed Co. Treated in the image of the 7 deadly sins, (pride, greed, envy, anger, lust, gluttony and laziness) these will be adapted to bring out the best in ourselves.

The main goal of this project is to invite each of us to highlight an aspect of their personality that they particularly likes in order to make it a strength and to put it forward.

To the client 


New philosophy and way of communicating for the brand. Online and Offline communications. An application that adapts to the watch purchased by the consumer. A packaging update. A motorized display adapted to each watch that indicates the time.

Charlotte Rod Designer in visual communication